Smarter tech. So many possibilities!
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Smarter tech. So many possibilities!


There is a lot of talk of tech driving smarter cities, smarter industries and smarter ways of working. The possibilities are really endless!

Technology enables. It’s not just about mobile phones getting “smart”, it is everything from cars to public bins that are able to gain access wirelessly. As time goes on and more manufacturers embed Wi-Fi, SIM cards and other technology, everything will link into the intelligence of the Internet of Things, with mobile as the possible companion remote.

When we were researching emerging tech and the internet of things I found some pretty cool things, so thought I would share;

  1. Smarter Self: Improving your health, weight and wellbeing:
  • Pills with in-built sensors that take information from the inside of your body and submit it to devices such as smartphones.
  • Electronic ‘tattoos’ that measure your temperature and alert you to the onset of sickness before symptoms are felt.
  • Connected scales monitoring weight, body mass index and heart rate.
  • Smart watches that can make an appointment with your doctor because it has detected your temperature is too high.
  • Morning alarms that automatically adjust their wake-up time because your early morning appointment has been cancelled overnight.


  1. Smarter Homes: Connecting our homes to our smartphones:
  • Connected water meters, lights and other electronic devices will allow consumers to track and control energy consumption.
  • Intrusion detection systems that will detect window and door opening and violations to prevent intruders.
  • Refrigerators that know when items are past their use-by date and reorders them for the next shop.


  1. Smarter Enterprises: Improve collaborative working practices and supply chain logistics:
  • Shipments can now be tracked at every stage, from the manufacturing line to delivery.
  • Retailers can fit sensors to the shelving in their store that can trigger the ordering of new stock when levels are low.
  • Industrial and office equipment that can order replacement parts as they are needed.
  • Beacon technology can guide you around new office space, to your hotdesk and notify you of meeting changes.
  • General Electric sees so much potential in IoT that it has setup a software division, called GE Software, to look at how GE can exploit IoT across its various products and services.


  1. Smarter Environments: Harness and protect natural resources:
  • Our oceans are full of sensors that track sea temperature and currents
  • Farmland sensors track its health; monitoring of soil moisture, vibrations and earth density.
  • Monitoring combustion gases and preemptive fire conditions to define alert zones to assist forest fire detection and prevention.
  • Distributed control in specific places of tremors to help early earthquake detection.


  1. Smarter Cities: Making our cities smarter by monitoring infrastructure:
  • Structural monitors measure vibrations and material conditions in buildings, bridges and historical monuments.
  • Detection of rubbish levels in containers to optimise trash collection routes for waste collection.
  • Intelligent and weather adaptive technology in streetlights to save energy and prevent road accidents.
  • Autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles to help reduce travel congestion and driver and pedestrian incidents.
  • Buses that know to wait for a delayed train to arrive.
  • Real contextual intelligence driving value.


All pretty cool. I just love the possibilities of this space and always keen to discover new things. So please do share with me.

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