Sell Online: 1-day Masterclass in 2016
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Sell Online: 1-day Masterclass in 2016



Setting up shop online is a minefield of options.

If you need some tips I have outlined five smarts here to get you started.

However, if you feel you need some help to kickstart your online journey, you can join us at Digital Nation’s 1-day practical Masterclass: Online Retail.


Learn how to:

    1. Get the basics right to start your online journey
    2. Choose the right platform to suit your needs
    3. Build your online brand and be found on the web
    4. Understand your customer journeys and meet their expectations
    5. Harness the power of social media
    6. Optimise mobile and engage with your customers on the go
    7. Develop your plan to drive the next 30 – 90 days

With an expert entrepreneurial speaker panel including:

  • Jeanette Gray, social media consultant and trainer
  • Paul Greenberg, Executive Director, National Online Retailers Association and online retailing pioneer
  • Caroline Africh, Managing Director, Things 4 Bubs
  • Matthew Costello, Director, Fit4Sale

On the day, I will be taking you through building your brand online and effective marketing techniques, while other experts, including some of the fastest growing etail businesses, will share their learnings.

Learn the steps to set up your business, hear the success stories and get the tools.

Book now for Sydney, 27 February 2016. Early bird discount starts at $355.

If you want to be an online retail entrepreneur, make 2016 your year.

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