10 powerful tips to copywriting prowess
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10 powerful tips to copywriting prowess

Struggling to write high quality, compelling copy?

Small tweaks create big wins. The devil really is in the detail.

Don’t panic, here are ten sure-fire tips to add punch to your prose.

1. Play the game

Seduce your reader from the very first line.

Write about their problems. Quickly grab their attention and use the power of mirror neurons and emotion to fuel their curiosity.

Engage your reader’s senses. Make them feel something; cringe, jump, tingle. Create vivid mental images and take them on a journey of wanting to read more.

2. What’s in it for me?

We know the customer is always right.

They aren’t interested in our products, our business, or us. They just want to know what’s in it for them.

Research. What problems do you solve for your reader? Know what they want, get them excited and lead them down the path to purchase.

Personalisation is also your friend. Using your customer’s name where appropriate and building trust and credibility, makes content much more engaging.

3. Ask questions

Writers, are you listening? What are you concerned about?

Don’t be afraid to put it out there. Make it relevant. Grab their attention. Create the nodding effect and have him or her agreeing, or at least thinking you have the answers.

A succinct and challenging opening sentence will instantly make your copy more engaging. Show them you will solve their problems quickly and they’ll read on.

4. Own the short and sharp

Don’t waste precious pixels. With our screens getting smaller and multiscreening empowering digital generations, we have to grab attention fast.

We must minimise distractions. Cut out the crap. No salesy words or phrases. If you have to say you are innovative or market leading then you most probably are not.

Be specific and don’t generalise where possible. We have reached 2494 followers, has more credibility than ‘we have thousands of followers’.

Keep it simple and direct. Tell readers exactly what you want them to do. Don’t waste time.

5. Learn to love the power words… and verbs.

Don’t rely on adjectives to add colour to your copy. Go active on the verbs to add pace and punch.

Keep them glued with the use of you, free, because, straight away, instantly and new.

People block out sales pitches so remember to use the words effectively.

Also, everybody loves a story and emotive transportation leads to conversion.

Power words allow your reader to become more engaged, trusting and evoke a sense of fast reward.

6. It is about the benefits… not the features.

Talk benefits not features. Create a benefit-driven headline and introduction to encourage him or her to read on.

Speak to what really matters. How are you solving their problem and points of pain?

Face any reader’s concerns front on. Prove your value. Acknowledge them. Say why they will benefit from buying your product or service.

People are willing to pay for exceptional experiences.

If you can’t persuade your customer to buy then you’ve not addressed their problem.

7. You want action don’t you?

Once you have stirred interest and built their desire with your undeniable benefits, it is time for the slam-dunk. Invite them, very clearly, to take action.

This is not always easy. You have to give them a reason to sign up or take action.

What are you offering for their time and details?

Focus on a benefit for your reader… “Get 5 Free Online Retail Smarts Now”. Do not give false benefits. It will only have negative ramifications in the long run.

8. Some avoids
• Exclamation marks – don’t be lazy
• Unwanted adjectives – less is more
• Thumping your chest – people are tired of sales pitches
• Surgical testimonials – people know your company wrote them
• Superlatives – speak their language
• Long sentences – more than14 words makes it difficult to digest
• Redundant sentences – does it really add any value
• Passive voice – sounds very formal and unengaging.

9. Cull and cull again

There is no excuse. You must take the time to read, reread, cull, improve and track the success of your craft.

Read it out load. Test your work. Sweat the small stuff.

And always keep tabs on what works and what is an obvious fail. This is the only way to success.

10. Most importantly

Leave them wanting more. Have open loops. Lack of completion makes your reader feel curious and more invested in your copy. Strengthen their curiosity and increase your chance of conversion.

Aroused your interest?

Follow the above tips and you will craft copy that evokes emotion, sparks conversation and ultimately conversion.

Need help email aisha@digitalandagile.com

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