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Meet Aisha Hillary-Morgan

With over 15 years experience in tech-savvy and customer-centric businesses, across many a diverse industries, Aisha has worked on a thing or two.

Never is there a business challenge that does not excite to explore and overcome.


Aisha has launched brands, set up global offices, implemented digital change management programs, enhanced customer journeys, educated businesses on technology transformation, set up partnership programs and created a whole lot of content.

Aisha set up Digital and Agile to help businesses grow through the power of digital and agile thinking. Through a network of talented individuals and businesses, Digital and Agile has tailored solutions for any budget and sized business.


Start-ups With Purpose

Innovation and Change

Founders With Passion

Tech and What it Enables

Customer Insights

New Media Integration

Aisha loves collaborating with forward-thinking businesses that want to challenge the status quo and create unique and amazing digital experiences.


Aisha also created lifestyle accessory brand, Hills & West, a lifelong passion of hers. What lady does not love bags and accessories?


Hills & West is a testament to Aisha’s experience in product and brand development, digital profile building, content creation and partnerships. With Hills & West established and growing, Aisha aspires to share her learnings to help businesses achieve online growth through digital smarts.


Reach out to Aisha by email     Check her out on LinkedIn