Short, Succinct & Surprising Content – 5 Simple Steps
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Short, Succinct & Surprising Content – 5 Simple Steps

Creating content does not need to be a mammoth task every time.

Short, succinct and digestible, always ensuring your have a few gold nuggets is all it takes.

Here are 5 tips to help you get crafting quickly!

1) What are you trying to say?

Have a clear idea of what it is you’re going to communicate.

The first step is to define your ‘elevator pitch’ and work your padding around that.

2) Don’t be afraid of humour

Humour is an excellent staple of entertainment and your primary purpose is to entertain (or educate in an entertaining way) your audience. If you want to be memorable have something of value to walk away with.

3) Let’s get emotional 

Tap into emotions– Focusing on social and emotional benefits is said to result in an increase in brand perceived benefits. Recognise pain and pleasure points and show them how a product can solve it.

4) Make it snappy

As is standard practice within video marketing in general – short, succinct, and surprising videos tend to reap the most rewards. They work well on social, as well as on mobile. Adding subtitles can be a valuable addition in both cases, aiding people watching on a variety of devices and channels.

5) Produce content with a target-consumer in mind

How do they consume content? Social media, video, via their friends, reviews etc. What is the point if your customers are not going to see it or even take a second look?


If you want to be the ultimate video producing guru, then here is a very detailed guide with step by step info about how to create and then ultimately convert!

If you don’t have the time, reach out as we have a fantastic bunch of video content producers that we work with.

You will have a ball while you do it.

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