CryptoTechNews Content Director – Interview with our Founder
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CryptoTechNews Content Director – Interview with our Founder


As Aisha usually interviews all the movers and shakers in the industry for CryptoTechNews (CTN), the team thought they would interview Aisha Hillary-Morgan, CTN’s Creative and Content Director, to give its readers some insight into her story. Following is the interview. Thanks CTN team!

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am a lover of tech and building businesses. Tech for what it enables, and building brands – as I love working with passionate risk takers and sharing their story. I love love love creating. I am lucky as I can support great businesses and also have my own passion project; Hills & West, a lifestyle accessory label, at the same time. I work with smart and inspirational people who are investing all they have to make a difference. I help businesses discover how they can connect with their customers, share valuable knowledge and improve the way we live and work. It’s incredibly rewarding.

From a business experience perspective I have worked as: a strategic advisor, in business growth and development, comms, brand strategy, content development, social media, digital and mobile integrations, and change management. To name a few areas over the last 20 years or so.

My career journey… started in consumer strategy during the online boom…and crash. Providing an incentive to move to the UK to establish new and innovative ways to interact with consumers. At Sainsburys, I added value along the consumer journey from couch to cash register, establishing ways to encourage purchase and increase basket spend. 6 years later, after a Masters in Convergent Media, and implementing social media channels at SBS, I worked with tech business Tigerspike, assisting business transform with mobile and other emerging technologies. After 4 years at Tigerspike I decided to go out on my own and find some businesses that I thought were really disrupting in the tech space.

Today, I am in the Fintech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space. I love working with forward-thinking people, challenging the status quo and creating amazing digital and physical experiences.


Tell us about the CryptoTechNews journey?

When I started with Lodex I had a very topline understanding of the crypto space. I understood digital currencies and how tech innovations would disrupt industries. I knew it was time to have a deeper dive but when I started, honestly, I found everything quite overwhelming. Most of the feedback I would get from people was that they don’t have the time or capacity to fully understand it. They too get overwhelmed with the complexity and need a simpler way to consume and understand the content. So we started CryptoCoinIntelligence for our Lodex audience who were crypto enthusiasts and then decided to start a channel on its own covering the basics, the businesses and the technology having an impact on the industry.

So simply, there was an appetite for the stories behind the businesses and we build on that.


3 tips for people starting a business in (crypto) the space

    1. Know who your customer is and make sure what you have is what they want.Right now. You might have an amazing vision for the future but start small, educate and take them on the journey. But.. be prepared to wait for them to come on board. It is always 10x longer than you think. If not… pivot. Create an MVP and test test test.

    1. Create a lot of assets. Creative, content, video etc. People will need to be told in 10 different ways about your service, across 10 different platforms so be prepared to share your story over and over and over again. People are inundated with messages and definitely don’t have the same passion as you. Also be prepared to tell you stories in many different ways, tailor it to the platform, to your personas and to the time of year. No one ever said it would be easy.

    1. Partner – great strategic partnerships is what helps you create a flourish. Media partnerships, community partnerships, service partnerships etc. You don’t have to be the best at everything but if you partner with the best then overall you can have the best solution.


Where do you think blockchain technology will be in 1 year?

Blockchain technology is really the next foundation technology that will take us to the next level in efficiencies in speed, product development, tracking, data, cost and so much more.

I really want to help people increase their understanding on the positive aspects of blockchain especially as the crypto market has had such a bad wrap of late.

However when things are different, it takes time before it is adopted into the mainstream. Blockchain is still in its infancy and like the internet there was a boom and a crash, but now it is integral to our lives. In a year, there will be so many positive implementations of blockchain that people will definitively be accepting that it is here to stay. We just need to be patient and wait for the “0.3” or “Xs version” ;-).

Blockchain technology is going to enable a lot of industries and processes to be accelerated. From where coffee beans are sourced, to the sharing of scientific research, to basic day-to-day process such as supply chain and finding your next freelancer. Blockchain technology will provide a foundation for so many industries once they see what is possible. Many already have.

Everyone wants the price to go back up. To make room for moneymaking so they can be the next crypto billionaire, we all know that. However, this slow down has given projects an opportunity to focus on their business solution and rethink/improve their strategy. It’s also a great opportunity to expose the businesses that just won’t make the cut or are in it for the wrong reasons. Like with most businesses in the traditional sense, 96% fail within the first 10 years. We are in the first 10 years.

There are many businesses doing amazing things with technology to improve, and transform, industries. I am in no way someone who can predict what will happen, only that it’s going to be really exciting.


A day in the life of Aisha includes…

Never dull, I can say that much. I always start with reading what’s been happening on the Telegram and other social media channels. I try and limit myself to half an hour or I can get lost for hours. After a quick half an hour class at the gym and a walk to the local park with the puppy I am rearing to go.

I have usually already responded to multiple emails by the time I sit at my desk at 7.30am. I keep all my team meetings to the morning so we know what we have to achieve in the day and any partner meeting or interviews in the afternoon.

The in-between, well a lot of what I do it creating content, managing strategic partnerships, optimising our various digital channels, looking at ways to improve the UX and just keeping the train fuelled and moving forward. I love it.


Thank you for your insights, Aisha!

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